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RAPID LOGIC We rapidly convert your PPT into a digital  training solution - providing a timely delivery while maintaining a professional appearance.


SIM LOGIC Our solution delivers your software training via interactive demonstrations and simulations, allowing your staff to practice in a safe environment.


WEB LOGIC Our HTML5 based solutions allow our team to reach the highest level of audio visual interactive creativity and animation.












Digital training solutions - our specialty! Logic Swing offers a wide range of high quality services and expertise that have been strategically assembled to accommodate your digital training needs.

Instructional Design - Storyboard Development - Technical & Medical Writing - Graphic Design

Content Development - Quality Assurance - Audio & Video Production - LMS Integration


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Rapid Digital Training Solutions

Quickly convert your PowerPoint into an online training course.

Software Simulations

We build application simulations to provide learners with realistic training environments. Let them practice and complete an assessment before turning them loose!

HTML5 Digital Training Solutions

These courses contain animation and graphic design elements. Online training can be enjoyable with engaging and interactive solutions.


Logic Swing works diligently to build solid, long-term relationships with our clients as their trusted training partner - getting the job done on time and on budget.

Since 2009, our digital training experience has included projects within industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Global Hotels, Travel Sites, Technology, Municipalities, Food Service, and more.

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Are you implementing a new application or guideline within your organization?

Do you need to ensure your staff are properly trained?

Do you have an AICC or SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS) in place?

We can help!


So what’s the solution?

Our solutions start with gathering facts. We begin by discussing the project with your Subject Matter Expert. We ask questions, provide guidance, and conduct an analysis of what services best match your organization's current training objectives. We will carefully explain the benefits of each solution, so that you make an informed decision on how to fulfill your training demands. We will then develop an action plan that leads to the successful delivery of your customized digital training solution.


We also have extensive experience designing organizational branding. Contact us for more information.


The design team can adapt its development plans based on factors such as your budget, timeframe, and overall business requirements.


Prior to Project Start


We work hard to instill confidence and establish trust with our clients. Whether they need us to define a training strategy, create their online training solution, or simply recommend the very best options - we're here to help them get underway.

Throughout the Project


We ensure the most effective amount of communication takes place during our projects. Too much can become a burden to our clients, while too little can cause a lack of confidence. Ensuring success means listening to our clients, and managing their expectations appropriately.

Following Project Completion


We're still here, and our clients know it! We'll check in regularly to ensure the project continues to run smoothly.


The key component to any relationship is clear and precise communication. We ask questions and then pay close attention to the answers. We listen. Our goal is to deliver the most effective and elegant solution possible.

Jeremy Fair



Founder of Logic Swing with 20 years of experience in digital training. Jeremy has a valuable perspective for the the creation of effective and efficient teams that are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing engaging and interactive digital training solutions.

Mary Capucilli



Mary is a Learning Professional possessing a wide range of skills that include Learning Experience Design, eLearning Development & Design and Performance Consulting, to produce cutting edge training and experiences. She is fluent in learning technology solutions and recognized for her unique approach in assisting clients with their end-to-end training needs. Her vast experience ensures multi-cultural/language considerations and diverse/inclusive products.

Kris Miller



Kris brings her 20+ yrs of creative design and Disney animation experience to the learning development environment. Kris creates stunning new branding elements and styles for training courses, as well as fresh off the press graphics that can match an existing branding style.

Jerry McCormick



Started working with Logic Swing in 2017 and is a recognized expert in the areas of public and personal safety, emergency management, corporate security, hazard mitigation and incident management. Following his eight years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Jerry has worked and served for more than 27 years as a police officer and commander in the State of North Carolina.

He has taught and trained thousands of police offers, teachers and corporate security personnel on response strategies to mitigate “active shooter” incidents and other threats in the home, school or workplace environment. Having personally studied hundreds of cases of active shooters, Jerry has developed a unique approach that takes safety to a personal level, with transferable knowledge and skills that participants can learn and apply in their everyday life.


Our course Moving Beyond Active Shooter: An Employees Guide to Personal Safety at Work, at Home & in Between is a program offered through live training and/or via our eLearning platform.

Elena Marren



Through Elena's time working in learning and development with two top multi-national pharmaceutical companies, she has created and implemented learning and development solutions for sales and marketing, research and development compliance, medical affairs, clinical compliance, and leadership development at all levels.


Drawing from her years of experience evaluating corporate performance and development needs, Elena looks forward to speaking with clients. Her goal is to help define success together and create a learning and development solution that meets the client's organizational needs and objectives.

Our design and support team are well versed in many areas of expertise - including graphic design, HTML development, application interface development and design, audio production and editing, and much more.

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